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If you have a special piece or project that you would like made by a craftsman then send me your ideas and contact details.  I am happy to work out the design and details with you in true collaboration.

As well as working in timbers native to Australia I have worked with many timbers from all over the world and understand how timber works.

Here are three examples of some of our larger commissions.

Nannup Shire Boardroom Table


The Nannup Shire commissioned us to make their new boardroom table.

There were many factors to take into consideration in  the design.  The Shire boardroom was quite a lot longer than wider.  Another issue was that nannup being very central shire in the south west corner of western australia the room was often used for much larger meetings when from time to time other shires wanted to get together.

taking all this into consideration the design used eight similar tables each with two drawers.  six made up the boardroom table together with an extra two inserts if a totally closed look was required.  another two could be ordered to make up the larger circle.

The boardroom table was made up in a local hardwood called jarrah which has this naturally beautiful red colour and was finished in natural.  


this way when there was an extra large meeting the tables could be taken apart and used to make a much bigger open circle.

the final way these tables could be used was for training or similar events by spreading them across the room either as singles or as smaller tables.

Hotel in Margaret River


The owners of a hotel in margaret river found their way to Kim's workshop and commissioned us to make furniture for their hotel restaurant, the foyer and 35 bedrooms.

this included these large buffets for serving from, several oval and round pedestal tables, furniture for the foyer in the way of a buffet and coffee tables.

for the bedrooms we supplied bedheads, bedside cabinets and coffee tables.  

all of these items were made in our rather small workshop at the time.

all in solid jarrah with natural finishes.


Merlindale Library


back in the united kingdom we were commissioned to build a library in oak in keeping with the oak panelling around the room.

the size was twenty eight foot ten inches wide by eleven foot high.  It was built in quarter sawn solid oak.  the backboards were also solid oak.  it was stained to a dark oak finish and hand finished in shellac and wax.

the whole library was built in manageable pieces and then fitted together without a single screw.  the brass pulls were hand made by one of our suppliers.

we also built a library steps to help fetch the books.

together with this commision came one for an oak entertainment unit that would look like a buffet but contain all that was necessary for records to be played.

the photos are at least 35 years old so they are faded and not very good but  we still would like to give you an idea of what it looked like in place.

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